Welcome to The High Def Husband

So here you are, wondering who in the world is The High-Def Husband. Simple answer to your simple question – I’m just a guy who is as fascinated with the crystal-clear quality of high definition as anyone.

We’ll keep things simple here. Nothing pretentious or fabricated. Real. Much like the feeling you get when watching your HD TV, or listening to HD radio…high definition has brought a whole new level of enjoyment to many parts of our daily diets, yet the price – I’m raising my hand here, too – is still out of many peoples’ grasp.

Within these pages I’ll offer up any insight or knowledge I come across regarding new products – HD or maybe just really cool – and together, we’ll try to make as many upgrades in the technology department as we can.

In addition to my obsession with all-things-1080p, I’m also a father and husband. And while I don’t claim to be the perfect dad or mate, I will offer up my own experiences to share. Maybe in doing so, we can evoke some thoughts, feelings or insight from YOU that could be shared within these very pages. Men helping men be men, that’s what I say.

So, once again, welcome – thanks for visiting The High-Def Husband. Let’s explore this high definition world together and be amazed by the clarity that comes from the journey!

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