Super Monday

Everyone make it through Super Bowl Sunday? This High-Def Husband enjoyed the commercials but found the game to be incredibly exciting. I could NOT believe the last-minute turn of events. Like many of my cohorts, I was rooting for the underdog Cardinals, but much like watching the Browns on any given Sunday, you knew things were too good to be true. Major props to Arizona, and of course to Pittsburgh – it was certainly a super Super Bowl.

I’m sure you’re spending your ‘down time’ at work today visiting sites like or And while debates may be raging around the water cooler regarding the ‘best’, one article I found outlined what was wrong with the advertisements. It’s a story out of the SF Chronicle where Peter Hartlaub expounds on the violence that weighed heavy on the budget-draining spots.

Is this a necessary evil we need to accept from advertising? Are we so immune to violence as a society that we need to be stimulated with pain-induced comedic ‘shtick’ in order to pay attention to a product? Granted, I’ll confess I found the Pepsi Max spot with the ‘I’m Good‘ guys to be insanely funny…but I also found the best commercial to be the one I can’t seem to find too many people talking about.

The Ronald McDonald House had a spot in the pregame that was beautifully delivered – no violence, no ‘enhancements’ or gratuitous sexual innuendoes. It highlighted a former patient, Christopher Nehls, a childhood cancer survior and former patient at RMHC in Los Angeles. A young girl snuck two pennies out of his loafers and put them in the change box at a McDonald’s restaurant, demonstrating how such a small act of selflessness can change a life. Simple, effective, memorable.

To this High-Def Husband who enjoys all things loud/cool/crashing/explosive, this commercial gets my nod at the winner…even if it didn’t run during the actual ‘Big Game’. Congrats to RMHC…and I guess the Steelers.

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