Some Stations Not Delayed By DTV Delay

The FCC recently released a list this week stating which stations across the country will be making the digital ‘switch’ on, or before, February 17th. (You can find a link to the list right here)

Where we live, in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, all of the broadcast affiliates are respecting the delay until after February 17th, but some cities and states – like Honolulu and San Diego, for instance – are jumping the analog ship and going all digital before the previously imposed deadline. And some cities, like Wilmington, NC, have already been digital for months!

I guess if you live in paradise, you’re entitled to digital TV. Remind me why I live in Minnesota?

Peter Svensson of the AP has been all over the delay and released a good read this morning. In essence, some cities are citing environmental issues for making the switch, others are just eager to put to use all the new digital equipment they invested in.

Congress may have it right to keep consumers best interests at heart in this delay, but one major oversight – in my opinion – has been all the affiliates who’ve had to invest hundreds-of-thousands, even millions, of their own dollars to make the digital upgrades, only to have the transition delayed. At a time when journalists and TV stations are making drastic cuts to keep their heads above the proverbial ‘water’, I feel it’s time to just make the switch already. I commend communities who have embraced their digital future, and look forward to the day when the Twin Cities will be broadcasting in crystal clear digital signals 24/7.

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