Mac Attack – “new” line of Apples hits market

I’ll come right out and say this – “I’m a PC..” or at least, I thought I was. I did all the right things growing up, listening to my dad when he preached about how great PC’s were…the “be all, end all” of computers. But then within the past 6 months, I’ve had the great pleasure of working exclusively with Macintosh computers. Wow! I’ve even gone so far as to contemplate (and this is big) purchasing an iMac.

Joey & Grandpa Waving Goodbye to the PC

Joey & Grandpa Waving Goodbye to the PC

But when I read Apple was releasing an upgraded Mac Mini, my eyes widened, my ears perked and my heart rate…well, that stayed about the same. The thing that bugs me about the Mac Mini is that it would be nice to see a slight decrease in the price. Sure, the meat of this machine is powerful – 2 GHz Core 2 processor, 1 GB of RAM and a beefy 120 GB hard drive – but all things considered, I’m on a shoestring budget…the $799 pricetag scares me away.

There are some wonderful upgrades to this Mac Mini…we have one in the High-Def Husband offices and I’ll tell you, this puppy packs a mighty punch. But when it comes to computing in the High-Def Household, we’re tried and true PC people…for now.

Shameless plug – Check back here often as I’ve just received a couple of really cool products that I’ll be reviewing soon. Gotta get those written up and produced – trust me, some really sweet products (granted, they’re no Mac Mini) that will  make a big difference in upgrading your life to HD.

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