It’s not the size of the camera, it’s how you use it…

JVC has done it again. They’ve introduced another game-changing camcorder that not only offers full-blown HD with memory card capabilities, but they’ve done it in a package that is a third the size of it’s competition.

JVC's sparkling new GY-HM100U is HD perfection

JVC's sparkling new GY-HM100U is HD perfection

One word sums up this camera – amazing! 3 1/4″ CCD chips give you the professional grade picture quality you need, their SOT (spatial offset technology) makes sure your colors and resolution are true, a 10:1 zoom HD lens is crystal clear and speaking of HD…1920×1080 progressive signals, regardless of video mode you’re working in and – BONUS – the MAC-friendly “.mov” file saving system can make life with JVC a lot sweeter. Utilizing SDHC memory cards, you can ‘drag & drop’ your files right into your Final Cut timeline.

I’ve had the good fortune of testing a lot of JVC camcorders over the years, and while I haven’t gotten my hands around one of these GY-HM100U beauties just yet (still crossing my fingers!) I trust one day soon I will, and the wait will be worth it.

Retailing for around $3,500, this camcorder will set you back a bit, but compared to comparable units – two or three times the size AND price – you won’t find a better product.

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