Estes’ Turbo Thruster R/C Jet – Grounded

It was with great anticipation that my 4-year old son, Joey, and I ripped open our Estes’ Turbo Thruster R/C Jet on Christmas Morning this past December. Living in Minnesota, we had to wait – literally – six months before we could set her sail on the maiden flight. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and desires, this radio controlled jet barely made a contrail.

Estes Turbo Thruster R/C Jet

Estes Turbo Thruster R/C Jet

Made of styrofoam and smooth decals, the Turbo Thruster is crafted like most R/C ‘beginner’ planes. My expectations for this plane weren’t great…but being the aviation enthusiast that I am, I had at least hoped to see the Turbo Thruster take one or two swift banks before landing gracefully on the soft turf. Never happened. The best flight lasted a mere 2 seconds and traveled no more than 12-feet in front of us.

Needless to say, Joey was saddened at the news that our valiant efforts and less-than-technical mechanical reconstruction applications (scotch tape, as advised by the company) wouldn’t be enough to save this grounded bird.

The good money Joey’s grandparents spent on this product – roughly $50 (plus S&H) – turned out to be a turbulent investment. I’ve sent an e-mail to Estes-Cox voicing my disdain for this product, no response at the time of this post.

Let’s hope that they can do the right thing and help our love for flying (and budding affinity for R/C aviation) take off into clearer skies soon.

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