Instead of Florida, Montana for a “Man-cation”

So, my job affords me the opportunity to do some traveling – Chicago, San Fran, back to Chicago, Las Vegas. Typical business hubs. But this coming week, I’m taking some time to experience a part of the Lower 48 I don’t think I’d ever visit on my own. I’m calling this adventure my “Montana Man-cation”. Havre, Montana, three nights, just me and my thoughts.

Havre is still an active stop on Amtrak's Empire Builder line

Interesting story behind Havre, Montana. Back in the late 1880’s, when this particular part of Montana was being prospected and settled, the small little area that is now known as Havre got it’s name through unusual means. According to local legend, two French Canadian settlers were trying to take claim to not only the land, but a particular lady that called the area home.

As the story goes, these two men – one of diminutive stature, the other of a more robust nature – got into a physical altercation in an attempt to win the dames’ favor. As it was, the smaller man submitted to the larger man, saying something to the effect of: “You can have her!” Thus, a town’s name was born.

Pretty spectacular if you ask me. So, I’m going to fly into Great Falls, drive two hours northeast until I reach Havre and experience everything this sleepy little town has to offer. I expect a slower pace to life, approachable locals and perhaps decent prices on decent steaks. A guy can always dream, right?

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