Happy Mother’s Day to Two Special Ladies

This isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, post wishing pleasantries to moms, grandmas, wives, et al, out there…but I’d like to take just one quick moment to send my greetings along.

Mom: You sacrificed a lot for me over the years and while I may not have always acknowledged the gesture, please know that I’ve always cherished the things you did for me. Like when you would lick your finger to wipe my cheeks (yes, even when I was in college…) or when you’d give all of my potential girlfriends the 10th degree of interrogations before letting me leave on a date with them…I know you always had the best of intentions. You’ve helped mold me into the man I am today…the father I am today. So, while “thanks” may not suffice, please know it’s the foundation for how I feel about the life you gave me.

And to my beautiful wife, Dana: words can’t really summarize the way I feel about you. You’ve given me everything I’ve ever dreamed of (and then some). An amazing son, a daughter “cooking in the oven” – we truly do have the “million dollar family”, even if our bank account doesn’t quite reflect it. You’ve followed me while I chased my dreams; you’ve tolerated countless moves (okay, 11 of them); you’ve talked me off a couple of proverbial ledges when things weren’t going my way; you always find a way to keep me guessing. In nearly eight short years of marriage, I’ve found the only woman I can ever fathom spending my rocking chair years with. And the scary thing is, I knew it was you from the moment I met you – even if you tried to pawn me off on some of your friends. In the end, it’s always been and only will be you. Thank you. I love you.

While I could easily go on and on about the other ‘moms’ in my life, I just wanted to take a quick moment to recognize the two most influential women in my life. They’re wonderful, they’re wise and they’re mine. Love ya both – Happy Mother’s Day!

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