CES 2011 – The Homework Begins

Revving up efforts to attend the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas again this year. Last years’ big ticket items were 3D TVs, iEverything accessories, and e-readers. What’s going to be the big trend this year? We should find out tomorrow.

While I am just starting to jump into the booths I want to visit this, I’m excited to see what staples like Kodak, JVC and Panasonic have to offer. I also love coming across smaller companies with really neat products. One that has caught my eye is the WheeMe, made by Dream Bots, LTD. They claim that the WheeMe is the first “autonomous gentle massager and caresser imbedded with robot technology.” That’s direct from their CES listing. What I’m guessing this means is we’re entering the Jetson/Wall-E stage of our existence. Not saying that’s a bad thing…I could go for a machine that gets the kinks out of my back every night.

Courtesy: Wheeme.com

The CES show is always an adventure, and a great window into the world of new and future electronics. It’s also a fascinating place to people watch – nearly every quadrant of the world descends on the Las Vegas Convention Center. The only mystery left to be answered is what product is going to be stealing the show this year?

What are your thoughts? What do you look forward to about the show? Let’s connect and try to cross paths while out there.

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3 Responses to CES 2011 – The Homework Begins

  1. Itamar says:

    This robot is realy cool. I checked out thier http://www.dreambots.com site, and it looks like they have a new fascinating design 🙂

    • highdefhusband says:

      Thanks Itamar, I changed the link to get back to Dream Bots. Appreciate you taking the time to comment on my site – see you in Vegas?

  2. Karen says:


    I really liked what you wrote about the WheeMe robot, but the site that you linked to is not the “official” site. I did a bit of searching online and the site that you might want to link to is http://www.dreambots.com

    Keep up the great work!


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