HDH – Resolution, Schmesolution

Every year, millions vow to make drastic changes in their lives to meet some fictitious need to fulfill personal resolutions when the calendar comes full tilt. Smoking, drinking, surfing the web in excess, losing weight…whatever the vice, THIS is going to be the year they snap it. Well, it’s always easier to preach than to practice, isn’t it?

A renowned social media savant, Peter Shankman, proposed an interesting concept for 2011 – “A Year to 10 Percent“, shaving off a significant slice of his body mass (BMI) to get down to 10% total BMI. This is certainly a commendable personal quest! Peter has accomplished a lot in his professional and personal careers – he just became an Ironman, he willingly jumps out of airplanes and travels more than 300,000 air miles a year for his work. The first is something I could never do, but the last two are goals that I’d like to one day – a fraction of his totals, at least – do myself. (For the record, I do have one tandem skydive to my name)

I’ve recently gotten through some health scares and could stand to lose some weight. But unlike so many who say they’re going to drop the weight by joining a gym, working out 5 times a week, or cutting carbs, I’m going to simply say I’ve got some bad habits that I need to curtail: I drink about 3.5 Pepsi’s a day, eat way too much junk food and don’t take a daily vitamin.

My resolution for 2011 is this: don’t try to be like Mr. Shankman and conquer the world, just be myself and make better decisions. I’m starting 2011 off with a lot of travel – CES, NAHB IBS and the Kellogg Marketing Conference – so my vices will be out in full force. Instead of having a burger at the airport or after a day of pounding the conference pavement, I’ll order a salad. Water instead of Pepsi. One glass of wine instead of two beers.

After all, living an “HD Life on an SD Budget” is all about making smart choices. What’s on your resolution list for 2011?

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2 Responses to HDH – Resolution, Schmesolution

  1. I’d think anything you do that helpd you become healthier is a win. I’m far from conquering the world, I just want to lose some damn weight. 🙂

    • highdefhusband says:

      Amen to that. Thanks for taking the time to chime in, Peter. It’s an honor.

      I’ve got a lot of things to get healthy for – new house, new baby, a kindergartner who is all about Legos. If there’s ever been a time to shave a little off the midsection, this sure seems about right.

      Good to you in your quest for 10%!

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