HDH – Hubble Offers Other-Wordly Experience

We may be a bit behind the times, but with the elongated holiday break, I took my five year old son to the Minnesota Science Museum today and took in “Hubble” at the IMAX Theater. We arrived late for the mid-afternoon screening, but the four remaining seats were perfect for Joey and I, as well as my friend Josh and his son Hans.

I’d only seen one other movie in an IMAX setting previously, many moons ago, but being the aviation/astronomy enthusiast I am, I knew this feature wouldn’t disappoint. Audience members are given a co-pilot perspective as NASA astronauts venture 300+ miles into the final frontier to fix a hurting Hubble telescope.

The imagery and cinematography were spectacular, and the surround sound audio tracks left me in awe of the worlds beyond our world. My son isn’t the best when it comes to watching movies, but he was fascinated by the movie – as well as the multi-lens projector sitting just to our right.

At 45-minutes, this movie is neither too long or two short. The narration by Leonardo DiCaprio is sufficient, but the best part is just the unexpected perspectives NASA offers to audience members. My favorite shot was just under the launch pad as the Space Shuttle Atlantis ignited on it’s fiery journey.

If you haven’t seen “Hubble” at the IMAX, I highly recommend strapping on your moon boots and taking it in.

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