CES – 3D in Your Face

So, as predicted, the big announcements at CES today were the introductions of tablets taking aim at the iPad, Smart Home technology that tells you when you need to restock groceries and, of course, the over abundance of i-Everything accessories. But the thing that struck me was just how many CE companies are hedging their bets on 3D technology.

JVC's 3D camcorder offers a glimpse into the future of home movies

Companies of note, JVC rolled out a new consumer 3D camcorder. The image quality is quite striking, and their booth here at CES is pretty spectacular. They don’t offer any super-elaborate, expensive glasses to view their 3D content, just standard, “Drew Carey“-ish glasses that look, frankly, cheap…but man, I tell you, the quality of their 3D products are amazing. As a video guy, I’ll admit, I want one of these cameras.

Additionally, Panasonic had a booth stadium that features about 200 3D screens running simultaneous content. Overwhelming? That was an understatement. But does a heavy investment by manufacturers mean consumers are going to buy into this amazing technology? I said this last year, and I’ll say it again: until manufacturers can create 3D products that don’t require glasses (and a second mortgage to get all the gear), only a fraction of the general population can afford these products.

So, while 2011 offers some spectacular sights and sounds – trust me, it’s absolutely amazing here – it’s still a lot of hype, with little tangible substance for you and me.

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