Yet Another Reason to Get a Smart Phone

Because I leave for the office in the wee hours of every morning, I have been known to leave important documents and other necessities at home. This morning, yet again, I have left my day planner sitting on my breakfast bar. While I thought I’d be able to remember that I left my keys, wallet and phone on top of it, I still neglected to bring it with me.


A slap isn't an effective way to remember things

Maybe turning on some lights in the house would help, eh? I have three sleeping loved ones that stir easily, so keeping my light use and noise to a minimum is ideal – however, that’s usually easier said than done. I almost always trip over a toy, rustle up a rogue plastic bag or inevitably step on that one spot that squeaks on our stairs. Nevertheless, I think it’s about time I invest in a smart phone, so I don’t need to rely on my day planner. Get a nice Droid or Blackberry that can sync to my Outlook and iCal calendars at work, check my e-mail without having to pluck away at the laptop…simply put: become more efficient in my ever-forgetful, early morning state of mind.

My cellular contract is up in April, so I’m afraid I’ll just have to wait until then. In the meantime, got any tips or tricks I can use to stop being so forgetful?

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