Who Does This?

In Minnesota, it’s important to always be ready for when winter hits. That means warm clothes, thick boots and a variety of shovels – or, better yet, a snowblower ready to eat up all that Mother Nature throws down.

Throwin' Snow

Giving my Toro a Good Test

As a new homeowner, I’m learning lots of things the hard way. This evening, yet another cruel lesson in efficiency and tackling winter weather…while clearing the driveway after about 10″ of thick, wet snow, my refurbished Toro snowblower – a 10-year-young CCR 200 – decided it had worked hard enough, and zapped itself out. As the engine choked to a sickening stop, I immediately knew what the problem was: no gas.

Of course, the fuel I had in the garage for the lawnmower wasn’t going to work – that takes a 32:1 gas/oil mixture, where as the CCR 200 drinks a more refined 50:1 gas/oil mix. Just brilliant.

Note to all you newbie homeowners, or those looking to buy a home in an area where the white stuff falls: buy two separate 2-gallon gas tanks, mark them appropriately, and always keep them full. You never know when you’re going to dig out, without having to dig out (the hard way – with shovels!)

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