Cracked Up Over Groupon

So, a local Twin Cities chiropractor office recently listed their services on Groupon. They used an interested tactic to get leads: partnering with a local massage company to drive incentive for purchase. Essentially, come in for an evaluation and get a coupon for a free 50-minute massage.

While I’ve been looking for a good chiro to help crack my back into shape, I’m wondering if medical professionals should be soliciting over Groupon. The Groupon offer was $20 and includes an initial exam, x-rays and consultation on future services. I’m probably one of the few who actually needs the cracking and not the massage, but I jumped in and bought the deal. So did 300 other people. Does this just make me a number to this clinic, or will I get the serious service I need? Seems like a watered down way to drive traffic in my opinion.

How about you – ever buy anything through Groupon? Turned off by the Super Bowl ads? I’ll report back with updates – and hopefully a straighter back!

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5 Responses to Cracked Up Over Groupon

  1. jessica says:

    Totally turned off by superbowl ads, but prior to that have bought a lot fo things from Groupon, LivingSocial, CrowdCut, STeals, etc…

    Frankly, I think anybody seeing a chiro is a bad idea. Exercise, stretching, yoga, and massage!

    • highdefhusband says:

      I go to the chiro due to my years of abuse as a videographer. My lower verts are all twisted and out of whack. Personally, I agree with you. Most chiro’s are quacks.

  2. minnemom says:

    I don’t know that it’s any different from chiropractors setting up booths at home and garden shows to drum up business, or putting coupons in newspapers for discounted “initial consultations.”

    I’ve bought a few things through Groupons. My favorite was a half-price membership to the Minnesota Historical Society. And I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, so I can’t speak to the ads. 🙂

    • highdefhusband says:

      Great point, Lynda. Forgot about the booth angle. So I guess Groupon is an innovative way to do it. And the Groupon fee is essentially your insurance co-pay to get in the door anyway…yeah, you’re right. Still, I hope it’s $20 well spent…should be.

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