Is 4D a Realistic Retail Possibility?

I love what Best Buy is doing with their new Buy Back Program. That said, I think it’s funny that at the end of their latest commercial, we see Joe Average homeowner, who’s obviously invested heavily in a new 3D TV, slap his forehead and question his decision, seeing that 4D TV’s are now available. If you haven’t seen the spot, here it is:

That makes me wonder…on a recent trip to Chicago, I took my son to see a 4D feature at Legoland Discovery Center in Schaumburg – Clutch Powers 4D Adventure (it’s awesome, by the way). With the variety of sensory stimulants offered in 4D, I highly doubt we’ll ever see it transferred to a feasible consumer version, is it something that the general public would even want?

Taking in Clutch Powers at LegoLand

Taking in Clutch Powers 4D Adventure at LegoLand

Sure, stereo chairs that vibrate are the closest thing we have to 4D, but what about the wind and rain and heat from fire? Yes, it would be amazing to have my media room outfitted for this. But really, is 4D even something that’s possible? I guess for the right price, anything is possible. For the sake of “future proofing” my technology, I’m pretty sure I know where I’ll be buying my electronics. You know, just in case the latest ‘splashing, slapping, heat-shooting, wind gusting’ unit hits the market right after I buy my next TV.

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