Channeling My Inner Bob Vila

I’ll admit it: I’m a horrible handyman. The part of my DNA that’s supposed to inherently give me the ability to fix things, well, it’s missing. Since becoming a homeowner in October of 2010, I’ve probably done more damage than good to my house (just ask my wife). However, like your stereotypical man, I feel the urge to act first, seek direction second.

But for my latest project(s), I feel like I need to call out to the man, the myth, the legend: Bob Vila. I’m asking, by the grace of all things bearded and flannel, that he might offer unto me the wisdom to do this one task that could hopefully restore my bride’s faith in my handyman skills: help me fix the damp foundation around my fireplace that’s driving us crazy!

Here are a few pictures:


The legos are the least of our problems – major dampness around the base of the fireplace. You can see how far the moisture has spread (plus, we get lots of box elder bugs crawling around!)
Even the bricks are discolored from what could be years of water damage

Hoping, somehow, the Great Bearded One can chime in and offer some of his tremendous home improvement insight.

Bob Vila, can you hear me?

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