Flipped Off – End of A Game Changer

Given all that Cisco’s Flip camcorders offered to the user generated video world, it seems almost inhumane that – in this release – Cisco ingloriously announced the termination of the Flip cam program. A whole 16 words summarizes the fate of the Flip, and given the $590-million stock investment by the tech giant to buy the Flip brand in 2009, it appears to be money down the drain.

As smart phone technology evolves, and the quality of mobile phone camera capabilities improves, it makes me wonder if all personal camcorders are doomed. While I love the ability to upload a video of the kids right to Facebook on the fly, I’ll never shoot video of me heading down a waterslide like I can with my JVC Picsio. Small, waterproof cameras will always have a place in the market…that is, until smart phones become waterproof…oh wait, there’s an app for that…

So, yep, I guess it’s safe to say that Flip won’t be the last small pocket camera to go the way of the digital Dodo bird. It was certainly fun while it lasted!

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