HP Offers Streamlined Power, Versatility in New Z210 Workstation

NAB is always a good launching pad for video production industry news. Today, no exception as our friends at HP have debuted their sleek, streamlined Z210 Workstations. They have two models available to video pros like us – the CMT (or convertable mini-tower) and the SFF (or small form factor). I’ve always been a PC guy myself – despite my current Mac setup in the office – so I like seeing relevant, revolutionary products that can help me be more efficient.

With the powerful Intel Xeon E3 processor, and available AMD or NVIDIA graphic cards, the Z210 promises increased performance of close to 20 percent – talk about saving time and resources in the edit bay! These machines should punish render times for broadcast video, 3D and CAD designs – that’s versatility if you ask me!

Here’s the press release and a video showing off the CMT and SFF (video courtesy HP):

With price points around $570 for the SFF and $660 for the CMT, it’s a good value. Plug in and you’ll be cooking on a program like the new Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 that launched at NAB yesterday.

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