HDH Thoughts: If you could write a book…

What would it be about? My dream has been to craft a professional videographer’s “How To Avoid The Same Mistakes I Made” kind of book. I’ve certainly endured enough blunders in my career to fill several pages of copy, but wonder if anyone would bother reading it.

I have a good friend who’s always dreamed about writing a comedic satire on his own life, a self-deprecating reflection on his own triumphs and failures. He’s such a great guy, and such an amazing writer, I’d love to read about his life prior to us knowing each other. He comes from a huge, Catholic family that loved sports – especially loveable losers like the Detroit Lions. He tells me he’s started writing it, but hasn’t had the time or emotional energy to finish it. One day, I know he will.

So what’s holding you back from writing your own book? Would it be fact or fiction? Comedy, romance or drama? Would love to hear your take on your book might be.

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