Father’s Day Thoughts

I’m pretty blessed to have two beautiful, healthy babies that make me laugh and motivate me to bust my rump. So, according to Hallmark and everyone else, yesterday was supposed to be “my day”…but really, I think the whole Father’s Day/Mother’s Day thing is a waste of time, energy and money. Shouldn’t every day be Father’s/Mother’s Day? Shouldn’t we as parents ask that our kids respect us and treat us nicely? And as children ourselves, shouldn’t we make a point to reflect upon the good things our parents gave to us?

And on one day a year, isn’t it a bit trite to say: “Hey! It’s YOUR day!” Instead of giving us dad’s a pass to do what we want, why not take us to task and say: “Hey! It’s YOUR day…now get back to work/spend time with your kids/mow the lawn/take out the trash.” As a father, I don’t think I can expect my family to give me a pass and let me truly have my way for a day. Sure, maybe I get to pick what’s for lunch…but I still usually end up doing the dishes. I’m just not designed that way. Plus, my wife works on Sunday nights…so I end up caring for the kiddos anyway.

Daddy & Joey on a Tractor

Trying out some tractors at Pahl's Market

My way for a day? Since I can’t fly to Colorado and climb a mountain in 24 hours without taxing my wife and kids by leaving, I’ll gladly take my son to the local tractor show…play at the park…teach my baby girl some new words…try to catch a few innings of a baseball game…and then kiss each of them goodnight.

June Sleeping in Daddy's Arm

Best way to end Father's Day...a sleeping baby in my arms

How about you – what did you do on Father’s Day? What’s your take on the whole Hallmark Holiday concept? Do parents really need their own day to do whatever they want ? Is that even possible?


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