Accepting Compliments from Clients

When someone praises you, do you bask in the light or pass the glory on to someone else? I tend to defer all accolades to my colleagues who’ve helped along the way, even if they didn’t have much to do with the end result. Why do I do this? Because I’m a “We vs. Me” kind of guy. Even if I owned a project, I still say “We worked really hard to get it done” or “We’re happy you’re happy”. But there’s one compliment I received from a client that I’m just going to own. No one else can share in this one…it’s that good.

I received this note from a client who needed a video turned around quick. It was a fairly labor intensive project, lots of graphics, motion and technically difficult edits. With little to no direction from the client, I delivered a video that prompted this response:

“OMG! You are amazing. This video is perfect. Thank you, thank you. You not only rode in on your white horse to save the day, you rode in on a white stallion, with a dozen long stem roses, chocolates & chilled white wine! Awesome.” — G.S.

What can I say, at times, I can do some pretty good work.

How about you – what’s been the greatest praise you’ve received? Do you share the praise or keep it to yourself? Let the complimenting begin…

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