There are a few walks every man needs to take in his life:

* The Graduation Walk (perhaps a couple of times)

* Down the Aisle With His Life Partner

* Past the Nursery Window

* Along the Path of Isolated Contemplation When Times Are Tough

And then there’s this one…

June & Daddy admiring the plants

My baby girl, nearly walking on her own (10 months)

Every day, weather permitting, I take my kids for a walk. We talk – even if it’s just baby babble – and observe life as we stroll past, one step at a time. Because of my nightly walks, I’m happy to say I’ve lost close to 10 pounds. (Well, that and a few better choices with the diet). Each step gets me closer to a few more important walks I hope to enjoy some day:

* Along the sidelines as my son scores the winning shot

* Down the aisle again, this time, to give my baby away

* With my wife as we stroll out to the porch, enjoying our leisurely retirement

What are you walking for? What important moments do you look forward to taking in while striding through life?

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2 Responses to Walking

  1. rtik13 says:

    Great post! When the weather cools off a bit here, I’m going to follow your example with my own wife and son. Spending time with them is the highlight of my life, and losing a few pounds couldn’t hurt either. 😉

    • highdefhusband says:

      Yeah, Alabama…I don’t blame you for staying inside. Here in Minnesota, we have the polar opposite for what feels like 9 months out of the year. Gotta get it while you can! Thanks for the comment.

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