Big Strides With Small Talk App

Prior to last night, saying things like ‘Pleased to Meet You’ in Chinese (Hen gao zing ren shi ni), or ‘My baggage is lost’ in Italian (Mie valigie sono persi) was, admittedly, foreign to me. But thanks to a translator app I found in the Android Market, I’m able to learn some modest phrases in a wide variety of languages, all at the touch of my smart phone.

Tourist Language Learn & Speak logo

Image courtesy Android Market

The Tourist Language Learn & Speak by srsdev free app is pretty good. Not perfect, but good enough for my needs. I don’t travel internationally enough to justify investing in Rosetta Stone, so I figured a free app might be a great way to introduce a few new languages, without a hefty price tag. There is a downside to this app…for some reason, when you click on the language you want to learn, it tries to get you to download another app. That’s a bit frustrating (and spamish, truth be told), but I can tolerate it if it means I can say ‘Lai tev laba diena!’ in Latvian. (Have a nice day!)

Also, some languages are inherently easier to understand than others. Some feature a lightning fast robot-ish voice (Vietnamese), while others are easy to follow. The app does tend to crash at random times, but for the price (free) and the variety of offerings, it’s worth a try. Ate depois!

How about you – what apps do you take with you when you travel? Have you picked up a few lines that have helped in your overseas adventures?

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