Fun With Google Maps on FOX 9 Weather App

Our local FOX-TV affiliate offers a wonderful weather app for smart phones. Not only does it make us more “sky aware” as the local meteorologist says this time of year, it gives us access to the latest radar information right at my finger tips. One of the other great things it does, as my 6-year-old and I found out yesterday, is utilize Google maps to give topographical layouts of the entire globe – not just the Twin Cities.  You can customize the app to monitor weather anywhere in the world, and is simply a must-have tool if you want to be able to shoot the breeze about the weather.

FOX 9 Weather App - the Twin Cities first all-weather smart phone app

FOX 9 Weather App - courtesy KMSP-TV

As I wrote on another blog, my son and I are both airplane junkies, so we decided to do some maneuvering around the maps on the FOX 9 Weather app last night…I showed him how you can zoom in and see buildings, landmarks and – to our surprise – airplanes parked at gates. This frame grab was one we loved from the Honolulu airport – 747’s a plenty!

Honolulu Airport Satellite Picture

Honolulu International Airport. Courtesy Google Maps

Then, I tricked him and found our house, without telling him. I asked him if anything looked familiar. As if he’d seen our house from a birds’ eye view a million times, he said, “Daddy, that’s our house…that’s OUR HOUSE!” We both then proceeded to look up out the window and wave at the camera.

Part of Our Neighborhood, Lakeville, MN

A Birds' Eye View of Our Neighborhood - Courtesy Google Maps

Gotta love the mind of a child.

How about you – what’s your favorite feature on your must-have app? Does your meteorologist have you saying funny phrases?

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