Last Flight of Atlantis

My guess is that everyone has a memory of NASA’s Space Shuttle program. Today, Shuttle Atlantis will be taking her final voyage – weather pending, of course. After this, the shuttle program will be retired. This is a bittersweet moment for all of us that have a passion for aerospace. The social media coverage has been tremendous.

When I was a kid, I recall watching news coverage of the good – and bad – moments in NASA’s history. Moreover, I was a huge fan of the movie, Space Camp, and dreamed of the day I might be able to soar in orbit at 17,500mph (plus, as a 9 year old, how can you not love Lea Thompson?).

While I never got into the shuttle myself, I did get to spend a few hours with a shuttle astronaut, Duane ‘Digger’ Carey. He was in town for a local air show, and I coordinated a live shot with him for a client. Just being in his presence was amazing. Great man, and the best part? He’s just an average, everyday man who rides a Harley happened to fly the space shuttle. Very down to earth, pun intended.

Today, my mind is shooting for the stars.

What are your feelings about the shuttle program? How often have you dreamed of soaring through space, admiring our little planet?

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