Google+…What’s Your Take?

The latest craze in social media is Google+. Yeah, I’m on it and trying to learn as much about it as the next guy…but honestly, it feels like we’ve all showed up for a big concert before the gates open. Lots of people standing around, kicking the curb, asking each other, “So, what’s going on?” A lot of buzz, but just not quite cutting it yet.

Circular Saw

Is Google+ Cutting It For You Yet? Courtesy:

To date, I’ve established a stream and found out how to add folks to my circles. I can post pictures, content and give people +1’s. Some colleagues at work have tried the Huddle feature (which is pretty cool), but I haven’t tried the video group chat yet. Here’s a great post on talking about the nuts and bolts of Google+. And here’s a great video my colleague, Steve, did about the how companies are evolving into Google+.

In due time, I’m sure, Google+ will live up to the hype, but for right now, it’s just another tool on the shelf of my social media garage…like that circular saw I bought and have used maybe twice. My wife was right, I didn’t really need it.

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One Response to Google+…What’s Your Take?

  1. Lynda says:

    I also joined because I was getting so many invites from folks. And then I closed the page and haven’t been back. I figure if it’s going to “take off” I’ll find out about it soon enough.

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