Hackers Suck. Period.

If you’re like me, you tend to go about your business online not thinking too much about what could happen if your e-mail accounts were ever compromised. I do a lot of work online, sign up for a lot of things and essentially put myself out there more than the average person, in my opinion. So, you can imagine my dumbfounded surprise when I learned that my Hotmail account, which I’ve had for nearly 15 years, suddenly came under attack from hackers.

In a post I wrote for DailyAxioms.com about the experience, I referred to some great tips by Jon Chase of Switched.com (which is now owned by Huffington Post, by the way). Here’s a brief recap:

Take a breath. Change your password. Don’t let it happen again.

Hacked E-mail looks like this - don't click it!

One of 60+ e-mails sent from my account


I’m hoping my contacts were smart enough to not click on the URL in the e-mail from me claiming to be, among other things, an expert in enhancing life in the “love department”. And a big thanks to my friends and colleagues who sent a note to me asking if I was aware of my compromised account.

Moral of the story: change is good (for your passwords, that is).

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