Getting Published…Again: Videomaker Magazine, Oct. 2011

If you want a good dose of HD Hubby, I would strongly encourage you to rush out and grab the latest edition of Videomaker Magazine. You can find it at popular newsstands from coast to coast. In the October 2011 print edition, you’ll find a mighty fine spread featuring two posts from me:

Cloud-Based Editing Using Tablets and Smartphones

Revving Up Your Editing Options: Editing Software Buyers Guide

The online versions of the articles are great, but the print edition literally left my wife speechless. What will your reaction be? Great tables of info about editing software with pricing…so if you’re in the market for some editing software, be sure to make your first stop to “read all about it”.

And while you’re at it, please rate my articles and be sure to share any feedback with Videomaker you may have. And while you’re at it, please subscribe to my blog to make sure you’re getting all the latest posts from me. Just enter your e-mail address and then click “HD Me!” – I promise: no spam, just great content.

Thanks for visiting…lots of good stuff will continue to come downstream. I appreciate your support!


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