Ready, Set, Watch: The Amazing Race Kicks off Season 19

Road blocks, U-Turns, Double Eliminations and now Hazards? Oh my, the producers of The Amazing Race are trying hard to add a little spice to CBS’ latest race around the world. With the usual array of celebrity and “real” teams comprising the cast of the globetrotting reality show – in it’s 19th award-winning run – this season has some interesting story lines. That said, though, I’m afraid there aren’t the great personalities the show has been so good at building up.

Cast Photo - Amazing Race 19

Amazing Race 19. Courtesy: CBS

One of the things I really don’t like about this cast is the stretching of reality we have to endure. Two former Survivor winners? That’s lame. A former NFL player and his wife? At first I didn’t like it, but they’re tolerable (we’re actually rooting for them). Two professional snowboarders? Sorry, they’re not gonna be the Cowboys. The Vegas showgirls? Why oh why did someone have to turn in their passport?! I thought the whole Twitter conversation and the delivery of the passport at LAX was way too predictable.

CBS is promising lots of new twists and turns, as well as stops in countries like Denmark, Indonesia and Belgium – firsts for the show. Despite my lack of interest in most of the teams, if the first stop in Taiwan is any indication, this could be a fun season to watch.

I love Amazing Race. I would willingly sacrifice a lot of things in my life if my wife and I could run it. That said, though, I’ll just live vicariously through the teams that are on the show…and do my best Phil Keoghan impression at the end of the show when he says: “Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode.” Wouldn’t miss a minute.

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