Delta Sky Club on Groupon: Selling Out or Smart Move?

I’ve only bought a Groupon deal once, and it was a bit misleading. I was going through some back pains and needed a chiropractor BAD…so when that particular deal popped up (free massage with visit to a chiropractor), I thought it was a deal made in cyber-heaven. Turns out, though, that when I went, I had to come in for an ‘introductory consultation’, then come back again for x-rays, THEN I could finally get an adjustment – after a third visit (and four days of excruciating pain). Then, and only then, was I able to get my ‘free’ massage, which was nothing more than a 45 minute sales pitch about this particular massage place. 15 minutes of lack-luster shoulder rubbing later, the whole situation just left me turned off by the whole Groupon concept.

Yet, this morning, I get a message saying that Delta Airlines has teamed up with Groupon to offer a Delta Sky Club day passes for at least 50% off the regular price. You can buy a one day pass, or a five day ‘punch card’. My initial reaction was ‘Sweet…great opportunity to gain access’, but having been in the Clubs in a few cities, I realized that this is almost contradictory to what the Sky Club is all about.

Delta Sky Club

Pull up a Stool With this Deal. Photo Courtesy:

I’m certainly no traveling snob, as I actually enjoy being out amongst the masses in the concourses. The handful of times I’ve been lucky enough to relax in the Sky Club, I enjoyed the complimentary drinks and quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport. This deal, however, has me worrying that the allure of the Sky Club will be lost on deal-seeking newbies thinking that by buying their ‘deal’, they will be entitled to live a life of elitism some might typically associate with Delta Sky Club members. It almost feels like this tire-kicking experiment won’t translate into record-setting sales of memberships for Delta, but I’m willing to be proven wrong.

And what about those frequent travelers who treasure their Sky Club memberships as a way to avoid the types of people who might just take Groupon up on this deal? Every time I’ve been in the Sky Club, I hardly see anyone who rides in coach class with me. First class has it’s perks, and for the high rolling, high flyers, Sky Club is one of them.

This “deal of the day” has plenty of legroom for debate, certainly more than you’ll find in some of Delta’s jets. If you’ve got some thoughts, I’d love for you to check-in and let me know about it.

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