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Here’s a shameless plug for my colleagues in the hopes that we might be able to help out your business when you consider creating some videos.

In the video world, just about everyone fancies themselves as a professional producer. However, with more than 60 years of combined experience, the team at Axiom Productions truly consists of tenured members of the video production world.

We’ve got reporters, producers, shooters and editors on staff – even a meteorologist! – as well as some up and coming talent that are extremely passionate about storytelling. But the best part is, we won’t make you pay for our experience. And we don’t run around saying we’ve got all the fancy toys that makes our productions ‘better’ (we do, by the way). We just love telling stories. Plain and simple.

Don’t be fooled by someone’s equipment list. Ask them who they’ve worked with. No, better yet, ask them who they WORK with on an on-going basis. Experience matters. Check out our Video Production listing on if you’re looking to share your story with the masses. Hope to exchange some ideas with you soon!

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