Seven Things I’m Thankful For

Thanksgiving means something different to everyone. For some, it’s turkey and football; for others, it’s family and catching up. For me, this year in particular, it’s a conglomeration of a lot of things. Seven things, in fact.

I’m thankful for:

Growing Feet. I’ve been blessed with two amazing little pilgrims that bring so much joy to my life. And while they’re growing up so fast, and their feet seem to have stretched to canoe-like lengths, I thankful that both my kids are healthy, happy, and won’t go hungry this holiday season.

Family Photo - Skol Vikings!

We love our Purple, no matter how bad they play. ©

A Place to Call Our Own. For so long, Dana and I had dreamed of owning a home. We’ve been home-owners now for over a year and not a single day goes by where I don’t give thanks for every sacrifice and lost hour of sleep we’ve endured to get into our home.

Letting It Snow. In Minnesota, the first snow usually signals the start of a long and cold winter. This year, I’m thankful that we had a long stretch of extended Fall and that we’re now one day closer to Spring (yes, the weather will get much worse very soon, but gotta look at things with the snowblower tank half-full)

Great Adventures. My job has afforded me the opportunity to travel more than 20,000 miles this year to shoot video and tells stories from coast to coast. I’m thankful that each day I get to come into an office where my creative itch is scratched, and the people around me are easy to work with and love their jobs as much as I do.

Technology. From social media to satellite radio, I’ve never been more thankful for the gadgets that make our lives run. Without them, I’d likely be sitting in on the couch, reading a book. On second thought, that’s probably not all that bad either.

Facial Hair. This month, I’m participating in Movember, which is a month long campaign aimed at raising awareness for prostate and testicular cancer. While I’ve never been one to grow a mustache, it’s a small sacrifice I’m thankfully able to do. My hope is that if I ever need complete strangers to show support for me, that they’ll step up and do the same.

Home Cooking. Since we bought our home, my beautiful bride Dana has been more adventurous in the kitchen. We’ve tried new dishes and experimented with old recipes to learn that there’s more to life than just pizza and sandwiches. For that, my waistline is thankful.

Of course, I’m also thankful for family and friends, good health and the chance to continue shooting Vikings games. But those are things I’ve learned to take for granted over the years. Here’s hoping I can change that.

May your Thanksgiving be full of joy and good tidings. And if you’re looking for a good way to use that leftover turkey, here’s a shameless plug for a video project I did earlier this year – Turkey Shepherd’s Pie Simply-fied. Enjoy!

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One Response to Seven Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Dana says:

    You forgot to say you are thankful for your beautiful, talented, wife who puts up with you everyday!

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