Back In The Day…I Had Hops (And Horrible Haircuts!)

Recently, my collegiate alma mater was featured on ESPN for this crazy dunk:

That got me thinking, back when I played…er, kept the bench warm, I could throw it down and was considered one of the better jumpers on the squad. So, I reached out to current Heidelberg head men’s basketball coach, Anthony Gholson, and he sent me back a few pics. Yeah, as you’ll see, I was pretty awesome.

HDHubby used to have hops!

Throwing it down during Midnight Madness. ©

That haircut was straight-up buzz cut. I didn’t win the dunk contest that night, nor did I ever successfully complete a dunk during competition…but I did rock some awesome sideburns during the season…

The Sideburns

Look closely...those are some mean mutton chops on my cheeks. ©

I had a great time playing for Heidelberg, and while I didn’t go down in school history as the highest scorer, or even earn any sort of honor for my on court contributions, I did learn some great life lessons: nothing is easy, hard work pays off even if you never see the court during a 29 point blowout and jumping rope can help you dunk. Oh, and never ever tell the barber to ‘fade up with a 1 on the sides’.

Go ‘Berg!


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