Let The Light Shine Down: MAXSA Innovations Anywhere Lights

This past January, I had the chance to walk the show floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. This was my third year attending the biggest trade show in the world, and while the 20,000+ products on display are enough to make your eyeballs explode, every few aisles I spotted a product that made me think: “Hey, that’s pretty cool…I need to know more.” One of those products was the Battery-Powered Motion Activated Anywhere Lights from MAXSA Innovations.

Anywhere Light, MAXSA Innovations

Lots of Light from Little Package. Courtesy: MAXSA Innovations

Full disclosure, I don’t normally find lights to be all that intriguing (my wife is the lighting guru). But in our home, we have a serious need for garage lights. The lights on our garage opener have a short in the wires, so they work about 10% of the time – at best. We typically enter our garage without lights on, and usually end up stumbling over something – not good when you’re trying leave quietly at 5:45 every morning for work!

That’s why I’m really excited by the Anywhere Lights. The Anywhere Lights are adjustable (360-degrees!), feature four powerful LED lamps, can deliver light 150′ away, and run on 4 D-cell batteries. You can mount them on a wall, a ceiling beam, or next to the garage opener. The lights are available in white and bronze, sell for under $40, and can be found on Amazon, or directly through the company.

See more of MAXSA’s innovative products on their website, and while you’re at it, “like” them on Facebook.

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