April Fools Jokes: What Did YOU Do This Year?

While my wife and I never really intend to pull pranks on our 6 (soon to be 7) year old, this year, we thought it would be fun to tread lightly into the April Fool’s Day arena.

Over breakfast, we told Joey: “Okay, seeing as how it’s the first day of April, we’re going to unplug your Wii and sell it to another family.” This obviously caught him by surprise, and his response was pretty classic: “Wha…wha…what? You’re gonna sell…my…Wii?!?” We let it ride for a few minutes, but then let him down before his emotions got the best of him. “April Fools!!” my wife and I both yell.

For the rest of the day, just about everything we said was finished with the same line. “Let’s go to Home Depot — April Fools! We’re going to Menard’s instead”…”Time for dinner, let’s have pierogies! — April Fools, how about cheesy noodles?”…it was fun, and to a 6 year old, that sort of stuff never gets old.

So, what pranks did you pull? I saw a buddy of mine announce he and his wife were pregnant on Facebook, while others re-posted various stunts they saw online. Would love to hear what you did!

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