NAB Cool Product Launch: Delkin’s CineZip™ Zipline

It’s not too often that I’m left salivating over a new video production ‘toy’, but this one from Delkin Devices – just announced at NAB 2012 – has left me speechless. As a video producer who’s always looking for unique ways to capture the scene, I always have trouble getting smooth dolly shots without having to incur a huge rental fee for a slider or track system. For under $400, Delkin delivers – once again.

Delkin CineZip Zipline

Manually dolly your shot, or use the CineZip's built-in pulley system. Photo Courtesy Delkin Devices

Their new CineZip™ Zipline suspended slider system is pure genius! Think floating camera from NFL stadiums, meets DIY video shoots. Forget outsourcing these types of shots to the grip truck owner with all the bells and whistles, for this price, EVERYONE with a camera and script should be trying to work this cool new product into their projects. 360° panning, easy set up and strike, and capable of flying cameras up to 12 pounds, the CineZip is perfect for outdoor video, industrial b-roll, wedding videography, or just about any video that needs some ‘beauty shots’. Use the company’s Fat Gecko suction cups to mount on a window or wall, or use the strap attachment to affix the slider cable to a tree. However you set up your CineZip, it seems pretty versatile to me.

While the CineZip Zipline isn’t set to hit market until mid-2012, it’s great to see companies like Delkin thinking outside the traditional tool box to give video producers Hollywood type toys, on BalsamWood budgets. Count me in as someone who’s going to seriously find a way to get this into my arsenal.

How about you – what cool new innovations have you seen at NAB that piqued your interest? Let me know.

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One Response to NAB Cool Product Launch: Delkin’s CineZip™ Zipline

  1. Denise says:

    Just came across your blog. This does look like a great product! I wish Delkin would post videos though. I’d like to see how smooth the shots are and find out if the device makes noise.

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