Soaring Styrofoam: Air Hogs Titan Glider Takes Hits, Keeps Flying

Like father, like son, our seven year old simply loves airplanes. There’s no other way to put it. That’s why when he had his birthday party, most of his buddies got him airplane-inspired presents. Perhaps the coolest gift of all was his Air Hogs Titan Glider.

This mighty mover boasts a wing span of over 4-feet, and can easily glide the entire length of our yard – which is more than 150′ – in a single swoop. Additionally, pilots can swap the tail fin from straight flight to aerobatic mode, which is demonstrated in this video:

To date, we haven’t *completely destroyed this plane yet. The durable styrofoam construction holds up to the stresses of a seven year old (and a 34-year old daddy), and soars through the sky flight after flight. I would definitely recommend this toy plane to anyone who has dreamed of spreading their wings and climbing through the clouds.

* We did break a wing after this flight was documented. A simple layer of electrical tape seems to work well to fix the fracture. We’ve also heard duct tape works wonders.

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