Sound Better While Singing In The Shower With iShower

There are several things I love in my life, but two of my secret passions are long hot showers and pretending to be a rock star. Combined, the hum of the bathroom fan and hiss of the water streaming out make the perfect barrier for masking my pitchy-ness. That said, I’ve found the perfect complement to my a capella crooning – the iShower. Designed by iDevices, the iShower is a bluetooth enabled, waterproof speaker system that syncs up to your portable music player – iPhone, iPods, Android smartphone, just about whatever you’ve got. - iShower

The iShower, from iDevices. ©

A few simple button punches, and you’ve got high quality sound pumping into any setting. It’s hard to find time to sing in the shower in our house, so rockin’ the iShower in the kitchen while prepping dinner for the kids, or in the garage while doing what we men do best (drinking beer and fixing stuff) is easier than wiring a stereo – and a lot cheaper, too. The built in stand allows for functionality in just about any setting – counter top, table top, or even back bumper during tailgating. The iShower also comes with a mount that secures the device into your shower. Industrial strength adhesives will hold your iShower in place in just about any environment.

Don’t like the track you’re tuned into? Simply use the simplistic controls on the iShower to skip to the next tune. The sound can be adjusted either via your mobile device, or on the iShower itself.

For right around $100, you can get your own iShower and discover for yourself just how versatile this cool little device is. The iShower definitely gets a “High Def High Five”!

Disclaimer – I received the iShower for review purposes and was not compensated any other way for my opinions.

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