CES 2013: Prep Work Begins Now

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the world’s largest industry trade shows, drawing 150,000+ people to Las Vegas to see what new technologies are on the horizon. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend CES for the past few years, and have really been awed by the amount of innovation and technological advancement that grabs your attention at the show. Seems like just a couple of years ago, 3D TVs were the big thing and now they’re seemingly an afterthought when buying a new flatscreen. Tablets were something only the upper crust elitists could attain, but now just about everyone’s kid uses one to pass the time in the grocery store.

Find Time To Hit The Strip When You Hit CES. Photo: HDHubby.com

Find Time To Hit The Strip When You Hit CES. Photo: HDHubby.com

The best part about CES for me is doing the research prior to the show to see which companies are rolling out what new technology. And to me, it’s not even the big names – Sony, Panasonic, Microsoft, JVC – that really draw me in. It’s companies like Minnesota-based Sanus, which produces wall mounts for flatscreens and entertainment systems that are beautifully constructed. Or it’s a smaller company like 2D2C that offers potentially life-saving technology that allows you to not only protect your family, but monitor your energy consumption. These are the companies I love to see, and that I love to talk about here on HDHubby.com.

CES by itself is an amazing experience. There are few places where you can literally walk 50 feet and hear 15 different languages, rub shoulders with a celebrity, trade journalist, buyer from a big box chain, and shake hands with the inventor of tomorrow’s next big gadget. It’s easy to be overwhelmed at CES, but by taking the time now to prepare for this adventure, the rewards once you return home from CES are that much sweeter.

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