Prepping For Spring…

As we slowly crawl out from the snow drifts that have covered most of the area this winter, we can’t help but think about the projects that await us once the snow melts and spring flings itself upon us. Heading into our third summer in our home, there are plenty of things we’d like to accomplish – big and small – that will certainly test our will, ability and budget.

LIving the HD Life!

LIving the HD Life!

For starters, my main objective this spring is to proactively bring my lawn back to life. I started by applying some winter feed and seed to about 90% of the yard…a blend of Scott’s Turf Builder and some fall grass seed mixture that I can’t remember the name of. I laid this down in October, by hand, with heavier applications in the parts of yard that ended last summer on a less-than-green note. We’ll see what happens.

Next, there’s plenty of painting to be done inside the home. We had the best of intentions about 18 months ago when we started painting our lower level living areas, but given our constraints with schedules and kids, we didn’t get it done. In the coming weeks, the painting will be done.

We’ve got quite the undertaking planned for the rear of the home. As our home was built in 1989, it’s obviously enjoyed some “settling in” since the home was first opened for business. Since that time, the ground around portions of the foundation has sunken to a point where there’s a slight dip near where the sump pump drains to the outside…so our plan will be to rake away the landscape rocks, dump some fill dirt and pack it down to rebuild this part of the ground around the foundation, then move the rocks back in place. Hopefully this will allow the water to drain further away from the house, and reduce the stress on the sump pump, which we replaced this winter.

In a perfect world, we’d replace a bunch of lumber on our deck and bring it back to its’ original glory…but we’ll likely just buy several dozen gallons of stain and give it a facelift. Anyone interested in helping us out? I promise to provide food and beverages for your efforts.

The garage…well, everyone says they plan to organize their garage, but this year…we mean it. Time to shift some shelves around, toss some trinkets and get this space turned into a fully functional part of the house. I, for one, look forward to turning this space into my summertime haven…though full “man cave” status remains to be seen.

And finally, if all goes well and the money gods smile upon us, we’ll put in a swing set for the kids in the backyard. We have a rope swing on the big tree in the backyard, but every kid needs a slide and play fort to hangout in. We’re eager to make our backyard more kid-friendly and we can’t think of a better way to do this than with a fun swing set. We shall see.

So, with spring just a few weeks away, we’re cautiously optimistic that we can get all these things – and more – done. Hope you can find some time to swing by and enjoy some fellowship with us as we make the most of our space!

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