Spring In Minnesota: Three Things I’m Glad Have Been Put On Hold

Anyone who’s looked out their window this morning in the Twin Cities knows that spring has yet to be sprung from the grasps of winter. With more than 9-inches of fresh snow that fell in the past 24 hours, it’s certainly gone from springing optimism a week ago to bundled-up pessimism regarding Mother Nature’s latest round of weather.

So, with what should be the last big blast of snow, I’m happy to report I’ve gotten a reprieve on a few things that at this point last year, had already been in full swing:

1. The Annual Turf Death Dance. By the end of last summer, my lawn was toasted. Brown, overrun with weeds and dusty, a stretch of extremely hot and dry days while we were out of town on vacation in July set the stage for a disastrous finish to my lawn’s year. With this last dumping of snow, I’ve been given an extra day or two to save face when my lawn is stacked up against my neighbors glorious green plots.

Waiting For My Lawn To Die

2. Humidity. I’ll admit it…I’m a not a fan of heat and humidity. Minnesota is from being the Deep South, but we certainly can ratchet up the discomfort when the temps soar above 80. While most folks enjoy air so thick you can cut it with a knife, I’d just as soon stay inside with the windows locked and the A/C cranked, thank you very much.

3. The World-Famous Orange Barrel Polka. When MnDOT starts rolling out the orange barrels, our blues do anything but run. With dozens of projects either underway or set to break ground in the coming months, there are many days I wish I owned a Terrafugia.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spring and summer as much as the next guy. But given my lack of a green thumb, coupled with my body’s disdain for increased humidity levels and minimal tolerance for traffic jams, I might be best suited for life in a small town in the middle of the Pacific Northwest. Let’s just get it over with…come on Spring, it’s your turn.

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