My Little Junebug Turns 3!

Today is a wonderful day. Not only is the sun shining, the temps are comfortable and my plate at work is filled with creatively challenging tasks, but my little darling daughter June turns three.

june-threeI remember this morning, three years ago, vividly. Unlike the birth of our son, Joey, which was frantic, panicked and nerve-wracking for a variety of reasons, our second time around with childbirth had a very calming, easy going vibe to it. We weren’t rushed, we weren’t nervous, we just enjoyed the hours leading up to the time she’d join us.

scrubsWe checked into the hospital around 9 a.m., got comfortable in a receiving room and talked about what our lives would be like with two kids. My wife, Dana, had her hair in pigtails and I changed into scrubs so I could join the party in the delivery room. We both felt like were ready for a Halloween party; just a few hours later, we’d be celebrating the arrival of a perfect little lady.

first-june juneborn

It was surreal watching the birth of our daughter. It was as if she just magically appeared. 9+ months of planning and anticipation, and suddenly, here she is. This perfect, sweet little being. When we told the nurses her name – June Lorraine – they all serenely sighed, with one nurse admitting that in her 25+ years at the hospital, our daughter was the first ‘June’ she could recall being born under her watch.

As Joey came in to meet his sister, I could sense a wide range of emotion from him – nervousness, fear, excitement – but most of all, I could tell that he knew his life wouldn’t ever be the same.

joe-meets-juneFor the past 36 months, none of our lives have been the same. We’ve laughed, cried, giggled and added a lot more pink to our wardrobes. This little girl is simply the sweetest little gift from God we could have ever asked for. I’m so humbled at how smart, brave, caring and compassionate she is at such a young age.

junetony tea-party june-swimI know one thing is for sure – without our little Junebug, our family would be far from complete. Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this little beauty. We are all better with her in our lives!


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