Autumnal Adventures

This past weekend, my kids and I packed up the van and made our way out to Ritter Farm Park in Lakeville for the 23rd Annual Who Dun It Hike. This event always draws lots of people, but we weren’t there for the mystery, more for the masterful works of Mother Nature. The leaves are slowly starting their downward descent to the ground, so I felt it was important to get the rascals out and into the thick of it.

Joey on the bridge at Ritter Farm Park

Crossing the bridge to new adventures at Ritter Farm Park

Donning our near-matching Boeing long sleeve tees, Joey and I embarked on the two-mile trail that included several meandering meadows and gradual inclines. The weather was perfect for a hike – crisp air, clear skies, no humidity. June climbed into her hiking backpack, which she’s probably too big for, but I wanted to torture myself by adding 40 pounds onto my back for our little adventure.

June and Daddy enjoying the hike

Enjoying the ride with Daddy

The kids did great, complained very little and, all in all, seemed to enjoy the event. It was fun to meet a few other families taking part in the hike; several groups were very serious about figuring out the mystery. For us, it was more about the journey than the destination, which is what being in nature is all about.


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