Sounds of Sweetness: BLUESYNC STX Delivers Sweet Sounds

Here at the HDHubby household, we love to integrate technology into our daily duties. While I perform my doting husband chores – dishes, toy pickup, dinner for the kids – I like to rock Pandora, Spotify, or the occasional streaming radio station. Music is the spice of life in our home, for me it is at least, which is why I try to have the tunes rolling as often as possible.

One of my recent acquisitions is the GoGroove BLUESYNC STX, which is a Bluetooth enabled, high-fidelity stereo speaker system that streams a sweet sound regardless of the paired device. I can sync my smartphone or MacBook Pro from anywhere in our upper level (around 25′ at the furthest point) and trust that the signal will be clear, consistent and capable of helping me power through a pile of dirty dishes.


The unit itself is about 12″ wide, comes in a black and blue veneer, and requires very few steps to get connected. Right out of the box, all I had to do was plug it in, press the Bluetooth pair button for five seconds, connect my device and within moments I was singing Sinatra around the kitchen table. The kids appreciate the access to the music, I love the disconnected connectivity the BLUESYNC STX offers.

The speaker itself is pretty nice, but one of the coolest parts of this system is the smartphone stand that allows you to display your device, while keeping the controls to your music within arms’ reach. I really enjoy this feature…makes it so easy to switch tunes if Pandora happens to pop in a song I don’t like (pretty much anything by Counting Crows!).


I’ve tried other Bluetooth devices, and even talked about them here on before. However, this unit seems to deliver the stability other devices can’t match. If you’re looking for a simple, solid sound bar to rock your tunes throughout your house, garage, office or cube, you can’t go wrong with GoGroove’s BLUESYNC STX Bluetooth Stereo Speaker.

Disclosure – was provided a sample of this product to review. No additional remuneration was provided.

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