Movember 3.0: Why I’m Flexing My Facial Follicles

What a difference a year can make. Two years ago, I was rocking a trucker ‘stache and fully immersed in what I felt was a noble fundraising cause (Read my story from two years back here). Twelve months later, I had sworn off the Movember movement as “too trendy”. I questioned the reasons why my fundraising dollars were going towards a deluge of digital ad spends and billboards promoting Movember.

Let's Get Growing. The first 2.5 weeks of Movember. | Copyright

Let’s Get Growing. The first 2.5 weeks of Movember. | Copyright

The emotional reaction quickly gave way to the marketing part of my brain, and I understood that in order to raise funds for a cause, sometimes you must spend funds to raise awareness. Mustaches can spark conversation, but if no one knows about the organization, the facial hairs fall on deaf lips.

I had fully prepared myself to abstain from my Movember motivations for a second year; that was until I read that Movember added men’s mental health to the list of resources they would be allocating funds towards. This struck a chord with me, as my family experienced the loss of a family member who was a major Movember mover and shaker.

I will be the first to admit that I’m reluctant to ask for help in just about every part of my life. Driving directions? No, I’m navigationally enlightened. DIY home projects? I just don’t do them. My health? I could definitely be a bit more forthcoming when it comes to my body.

Reflecting on one of the greatest "Mo Bro's" I've ever met, taken way too soon.

Reflecting on one of the greatest “Mo Bro’s” I’ve ever met, taken way too soon.

When my wife’s cousin, Sean, lost his own internal battle less than a year ago, it caused pause in every area of our worlds. If Sean – the epitome of masculinity and selflessness – can get knocked down, it can just as easily happen to me. So, that’s why, after a 12 month hiatus, I’m back, all in. My mustache has become a platform from which I can engage in life-changing discussions. I’ll use these facial hairs as fodder to fuel my motivation to help change the face of men’s health.

But we can’t do this alone. If you’ve read this far, I hope you’ll consider clicking and donating a few dollars to my Movember Mission. My fellow man shouldn’t have to feel alone when it comes to starting the conversation with his doctor, his family and friends. By supporting Movember, you’re helping to connect men with the resources they need to educate themselves on the warning signs of prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health issues.

Call my mustache ugly, call it hideous, call it whatever you want. If my upper lip can spark a chain reaction of conversation that leads to discovery and positive change, it’s worth every glance, glare, second look, and snide remark. Thanks for your support; Let’s get growing!

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