Tips & Tricks


1.    CONTEXT – Accept the fact that you won’t win an Oscar for your cinematography skills
“Keeping your video situations in perspective will help you understand the ultimate goal of what and why you’re shooting. If you’re at your daughter’s dance recital or son’s soccer game, make sure you’re enjoying the show and not worrying too much about getting all Steven Spielberg on the scene.”

2.    COMPOSITION – Frame your subjects accordingly, giving them plenty of head room and keeping them in frame
“There’s nothing worse than chopping off someone’s head when the moment just has to be captured. Most cameras and camcorders have these safety markers – this JVC HD Camcorder, for example – help you frame your shot. With today’s technology, there’s no excuse for bad video or pictures.”

3.    “STEADY EDDY” – If you’re shooting from a distance, take a load off and enjoy the show by using a tripod. Your back, arms, shoulders and knees will thank you later!
“Everyone thinks they can steady a video camera, but the truth is, it’s nearly impossible to keep your shot steady, regardless of how many years you’ve been shooting. Simply being a human prohibits us from standing still…even just breathing will make the camera gently rise and fall. So using a tripod, or, a product like this – The Gripper by Powr-Grip – suctions right onto any flat surface. Amazing product and great for those who want to record in tight spaces or while on the road.”

4.    “NOW YOU SEE ME” – Two most important factors in film and video: lighting and focus.
“Nothing ruins a vacation than a stack of bad photos. If the kids look like shadows or your wife looks like she’s been. Advanced features in this Kodak Smart Capture camera allow you to simply point and shoot. Now, there are lots of cameras that promise to get the shot…but this camera delivers. It automatically finds your subject, sets the focus, determines the amount of flash it needs and – click – instant memories.”

5.    PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE – The more your shoot, the better your work will look.
“It’s important to have the confidence in your abilities to capture those high def moments. So instead of being anxious when it comes to holding the camera, be exciting about it! Chase your kids around the house with your HD camcorder, have your coworkers recreate their senior portraits during the lunch hour…whatever you need to do to be ready for YOUR moment, do it.”

Happy shooting!

Dave, The High Def Husband


1 Response to Tips & Tricks

  1. Nice job! You truly have a good eye for composition, and that’s the first battle! Your story-telling is engaging, that’s the second battle. Nice work. Keep it up.

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